Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blog Challenge: Day 17.

5 TV Shows You Would Recommend & Why

1. Prison Break: Hot guys, drama, suspense. It kept my interested and on the edge of my seat for the entire series. One I would love to watch all the way through again.

2. Fringe: Science, supernatural, suspense, drama. This show was never something I was remotely interested in when it was on television. However, once my boyfriend got me started on it, I couldn't stop. It is so different from anything I have ever seen, and it creates so many questions, gets you thinking outside the box, and makes you wonder. The last season was... a struggle but I love this show.

3. White Collar: Hot guys, FBI, drama. This was such a fun show. This carried enough humor to keep it from being overly serious, and the bond between the main characters is undeniable enviable. However, it looks at crime shows in a different way. It leaves out the blood and gore for more of a corporate espionage, money laundering, and counterfeiting. I only watched what was on Netflix, so I don't know how to series ends, but I enjoyed every episode I watched.

4. Friends. It's Friends.

5. Veronica Mars: Suspense, drama, mystery, comedy. A high school girl who doubles as a Private Investigator? Yes please. No one knows about this show. Or, at least, almost no one. I LOVED it when it was on television (being a high school girl myself), and I loved it even more when I got to watch the entire series on DVD. Same with the second season. And the third. I just adore this show. They even made a movie the continues the story. Just a fun and interesting one. 

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