Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blog Challenge: Day 6.

Five Random Acts of Kindness that Inspire You

1. My dad told me about a man he worked with. This was a gruff, grouchy, bold man who didn't shy away from an argument. He had three kids who had been begging him for a puppy for years. Finally he said, "We can get a dog. Not a puppy." The kids were ecstatic! So the family went to the animal shelter the weekend. They looked at all the dogs there, however, when it came time to choose one, this man went to a staff member and asked, "Which dog has been here the longest?" Taken back, the staffer took them to look at a sad dog. He looked at the dog, looked at his kids, turned to the staff member and said, "We'll take her!"

2. My coworker was sent a stack of coupons for free sub sandwiches from a local place. Instead of giving them to coworkers and friends, she took them to the homeless shelter and asked the staff to hand them to all the people who come through the homeless shelter.

3. My boyfriend had an all-nighter planned with his friends, so before he left for work (he leaves after me) he cleaned the kitchen, built a fire that was ready to light, and made me a salad for dinner. He did all of that because he loves me. Such a sweet and unexpected gesture.

4. My mom and I were walking around a small beach town, and an older woman was getting out of her car. Instead of walking by like so many people were doing, my mom stopped and asked her if she needed help. Simple as that. The woman was extremely appreciative, but declined the help. All she did was ask.

5. I was taking down the holiday decorations at my work yesterday, struggling to wrestle the artificial tree into its box, and so many coworkers snickered and made jokes, however no one offered to help. I have never put up or taken down an artificial tree before. One gentleman saw me struggling and swooped over to take charge and took the whole thing down, boxed it up, and delivered it to the basement.

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