Friday, January 9, 2015

Blog Challenge: Day 9.

Tell Us About An Interesting Documentary You Have Watched.

My dad is a huge sports person. He has one or two teams from every sport that he will never stray away from. He  has loved some team from the time he was a young kid. One of these teams is the NHL Philadelphia Flyers.  He bought a Flyers onesie for me when I was a baby. That shows how much he loves them.

One afternoon I wasn't feeling too well, so I went down and my dad was watching TV. It seemed interesting enough, so I watched with his. I came in when it was about half over, but he was watching a documentary on the Philadelphia flyers. It is called The Broad Street Bullies and it talks about the early years of the Flyers. It goes into detail about the team "from their beginnings as an expansion team in 1967, to their back-to-back Stanley Cup championships (1974, 1975), and three straight Finals appearances (1974–76)." (Quoted from the Broad Street Bullies Wikipedia page.

It was an amazing documentary that speaks about the struggles and the following this team had from their home city. They were the underdogs, they are rough around the edges, and they wanted to win. They gave their city hope and a team to cheer for. It was such an inspirational story to watch! I found myself crying in the end because of the sheer power this team had on its city.

I shared some special time with my dad, and he patiently answered all my questions. It was nice to enjoy something so much that I knew my dad was also enjoying. It made it so much better.

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