Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blog Challenge: Day 4.

Twenty Facts or Things About You

1. I have green eyes.
2. I have 4 piercings.
3. I have 4 tattoos.
4. I studied abroad in Ireland.
5. I have not planned out my wedding like most girls.
6. I have dyed my hair a lot of times, a lot of colors.
7. I have naturally curly hair and hate it when it's straight.
8. I believe I am being called to North Carolina.
9. I have a strong relationship with the number 8.
10. I have a Goddess Mama who I cherish with everything I am.
11. My brother is my best friend.
12. I am a fairly extroverted introvert.
13. I love birthdays, except my own.
14. I want zero children or four children: no in between.
15. I believe that my boyfriend and I were meant to be together.
16. I am definitely a morning person.
17. I am way harder on myself than I should be.
18. I have a small group of quality friends and I like it.
19. My parents are still together after 32 years.
20. My two favorite past times are: reading and sleeping.

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