Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blog Challenge.

Good morning folks!

It is a new year, a new me, and a new blog!
I was trying to think of something I could do to start my blog off strong!
What better way then to work through a 31 day challenge that allows me to talk on several topics and offer a true sense of who I am as a woman, person, heart, soul in this world.

I already posted my introduction but I wanted to dive right in.

When I am excited about things, I need to go full force into it! And blogging feels like something I will really enjoy.

So welcome to my 31 Day Blog Challenge! January has 31 days, so I am going to do a blog post a day for 31 days. Here is a list of days and what I will be writing on! Feel free to link your own blog or any challenges you have done. I am always happy to chat and make new friends.

31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE (found here):
Day 1: Tell Your Life Story in 300 Words or Less
Day 2: 5 Super Cool Things About Your City or Town
Day 3: Favourite Quotes or Song Lyrics
Day 4: 20 Facts or Things About You
Day 5: 9 Guilty Pleasures
Day 6: 5 Random Acts of Kindness That Inspire You
Day 7: 5 Recommended Reads (These can be books, websites, blogs etc.)
Day 8: Discuss Something You Have Read Online & Link to It
Day 9: Tell Us About An Interesting Documentary You Have Watched
Day 10. Dinner Party Wish List (Anyone dead, alive or fictional )
Day 11: React to This: Letting Go
Day 12: 5 Amazing …(Songs, films, artists, books, websites etc.)
Day 13: 5 Spectacular ….(As above, but choose a different category)
Day 14: 5 Things You Can’t Live Without
Day 15: 5 Things That Make You Uncomfortable
Day 16: 5 Best Things About Being a Woman or Man
Day 17: 5 Film or TV Shows You Would Recommend & Why
Day 18: Something You Find Fascinating
Day 19: Favourite Faery or Folk Tale
Day 20: React to This: Positivity
Day 21: Finish This Story in Under 500 Words:
              The flash of light momentarily blinded him, and he wondered how it had all come to this.
Day 22: What Do You Miss (Person, place, thing or time in your life)
Day 23: 5 People Who Inspire You
Day 24: Things You Made (This can be a craft, piece of art, website, film, music video, song, poem etc.)
Day 25: 5 Favourite Blogs & Why You Love Them
Day 26: Happiness Tips: Spread the Joy Around
Day 27: In Pictures: Things that Inspire You
Day 28: 5 Pieces of Advice to Your Younger Self
Day 29: How You Have Changed in the Past 5 Years
Day 30: 5 Things You Achieved in the Past Year
Day 31: 5 Goals for the Next 12 Months

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